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Guns in America

Yesterday's tragedy in Moncton (where 3 police officers will gunned down) just brings closer the whole firearm mess that is a constant headline grabber.  In the US the number of "daily" incidents is so large to make it almost farcical.  The number of American who manage to shoot themselves (or their family or friends) is simply depressing.

Interestingly enough gun ownership is in free fall in America.  Despite all the rhetoric and the crazies in Texas with their "Open Carry" demonstration gun ownership has dropped from around 40% in 1980 to around 25% today.  granted those who own guns tend to own many many guns!

Look at these two morons!  I mean you've got shorty on the right who's clearly got some "size" issue -- will anyone ever tell that guy that his assault weapon is some form of penis replacement therapy (well maybe not to his face), and as for the fat bastard on the left, you know he's wanted to be a soldier all his life but all the running was way too much for him, so he got a cute littl' hat and an AR-15 and he thinks he's the coolest and that all the girls want him.

Think about it, you walk into a Tim Horton, scratch that you walk into a Dunkin Donnut and these two cretins are right behind you what is your first reaction -- I know that I get the hell out of there.  Maybe that's the solution, to every none-nut Texan, as soon as one of these bozos' walk in, you get your check and you get the hell out of there.  let them enjoy themselves in an empty store.  I wonder can service staff refuse to serve these cretins, you know they may take the view that they may shoot you -- under stand you ground rules.  Then you call the cops you say there are two guys in the stores with guns and you think they are there to rob the joint... let the cops deal with that shit!

Anyway, all this gun nuttiness started when the NRA decided that the 2nd amendment was all about personal safety and not about a well armed militia
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Now, over the years (the Supreme court) the meaning of type of arms and what use it could be made was changed.  After all it could be presume that if you have guns you should be part of a Militia -- but again that was changed.  it was so changed that the NRA changed its slogan to remove the idea of militia entirely, guns were to be own to protect oneself.  The advent of stand your ground laws (where apparently in America you can shoot a black guy if you feel threatened)

Americans don't seem to understand the following concept:

  1. You don't have to keep a bullet in the chamber
  2. You can lock the safety on your gun
  3. Its not a good idea to play with your gun while you drive
  4. Its not a good idea to stick your gun in your trousers (with a bullet in the chamber and the safety off)
  5. Guns and booze don't mix too well (EVER)
  6. Its not a good idea to leave you gun on your bed so that the kids can play with it
  7. Its not a great idea to scare off your friends with a revolver to win an argument
  8. You don't have to walk into a Target store with an AR-15 (with spare amos)
The only thing I don't really understand is the decision by several state senates to allow guns everywhere except in the capitol -- cause really guns in a debate situation between Tea Party nuts, GOP crazies and Democrats pot smoking morons is really a great idea.  Legislators are for guns everywhere except where "they" work...hypocrites!

Now up here in Canada we don't have "open carry", as a rule a greater percentage of Canadians own firearms, granted the vast majority are shotgun -- used in hunting, we don't have much of a gun lobby, although we do have a Conservative Party -- that among other things doesn't believe that firearms should be registered.  Not sure that would have changed anything to the tragedy that enfolded yesterday in Moncton.  Sometime people are crazy and will do crazy things that have horrible, horrible consequences.  

But at least we take some consolation that no Canadian politicians would ever say -- sorry about your loss, but if that's the price for me to keep my guns -- I'm alright with that!   


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