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Why cant Canadian elections be like in America?

I mean that's a justifiable question!  We get Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair, three reasonable guys who rarely say anything outrageous, Where are our Donald Trump, and our Scott Walker -- who today on Meet the Press indicated that building an almost 9,000 km wall (even across the great lakes) between America and Canada was "an idea that should be considered".  Personally I am all for it especially if its the American paying for the thing, after all how are we going to keep the zombie armies out of Canada, and when President Trump is elected and decides that Canada's oil is really America's oil and takes over Alberta a wall will help in slowing things down a bit, right?

America's crazies (aka the Tea party, and the Far far right) are absolutely certain that all crimes are committed by these Mexicans Canadians crossing the border illegally -- I mean look at the Ted Cruz, a prefect example of a Canadian gone South.

But back to our subject why are Canadian election so boring?  Mostly its because we have some very serious rules on who can give to political parties and how much can be spent during an election. In fact, the U.S. primaries are not about convincing the country they are about convincing the party that you're their guy.  For the GOP it means that majority of candidates are running as far right as is humanly possible -- in the last few days we've had "Wall in Mexico, wall in Canada, FBI to track all immigrantes (how far do you go back -- its OK the FBI is already tracking everyone!) mass deportation, start war with Iran, start war with Syria, start war with Russia, start continue war on women. Reduce the size of the government, but check every bedroom to be sure that only "approved positions are used" monitor all the terrorists.  Stop the "gay lifestyle" (because it gives rise to beastiality) stop women from talking, stop minorities from voting, actually the "new new idea" should be that only white men of a certain age and with a certain income should be allowed to vote. The rest, they don't deserve that privilege!

Trump is fascinating not because of his positions -- in fact there's very little room between the candidates on most of issues that Trump supports.  Until now, the GOP have been using "code language"  Trump goes out and say's it  outright.  He thinks women are good for one thing -- so do the other guys but they will preach the "right order of things".  He's anti-immigration well so is the GOP field -- they want the illegals to be "uncomfortable" so that they leave of their own accord, he wants to charter a few thousand flights and kick them all out (but allow the "Good ones back in").  He wants to keep Medicare (ok he's kind of alone there), He wants to keep Social Security (alone there too), but he knows how the fix the problem in Iran (Bombe the place) and make America great... ok maybe that's code for the white guys get to keep everything and the rest can just go a f$ck themselves.

That's what makes the current GOP primary so fascinating for the population at large (aka the rest of the bloody planet).  It is like watching a slo-mo trainwreck, an unfolding tragedy.  The damage that is being done to the "conservative" brand in America is incalculable.   I mean these are people who have no problem booing a gay soldier serving in Iraq -- did the booing douchbags join the army after that little session (MY guess would be no)?   As a liberal at heart its fun to watch and there's a sense of "gotcha" that is "almost" indecent.  The liberals were worried that the Citizen United decision to allow unlimited money in politics would destroy democracy (it may yet do that too) but the first casualty of that decision looks to be the Republican Party!  Now that's funny as hell.  


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