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Its been a while....

Honestly, I find myself hard pressed to get exited about any of the recent political developments.  Everyone agrees that the Greece tragedy is over, well maybe not over, but swept under the carpet, shovelled forward -- use any analogy, but there the reality of Greece's tragedy is there for all to see, the country has more debt today than it did 6 months ago, the economy is still not recovering.  We shall see -- I am still confident that I will eventually win my bet (that Greece will be forced out).

On the American side things are unchanged, Canada had election and the conservative government was defeated by the left of center Liberals.  Mostly untested, but already some positive actions have occurred -- such as cancelling the F35 -- a ridiculous acquisition by the previous government of a poorly suited aircraft for Canada's usual border defence mission at a cost that is simply unacceptable, nearly $200 million per aircraft!

The American long long winded electoral process grind…