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Double standards -- The right and the left (or is it sexist)

Soooo Mike Pence is the guy -- Trump has selected his VP, and he's a real conservative, anti gay anti minority anti democrat and anti women (or at least as far as their body is concerned).  Turns out that Mike Pence was for the war on Iraq -- of course it is well known that Clinton was for the war in Iraq, which according to the Donald is a reason she is unfit to be president.

Turns out for Mike Pence (who took the same position) its not a problem, he is allowed to make a mistake -- Clinton not so much.  BTW if you think these were things said at separate events or separate days, you would be wrong, it was not only the same interview -- it was the same sentence; "Pence is allowed to make a mistake, Clinton is not".  Why its OK for Pence and not for Clinton -- no one thought to ask, because the Donald says about anything and its taken as gospel.

Still, according to some GOP members (state senators) Clinton she be hung for her crime (of putting her email on her server), while as for the GOP's sex scandales...well they asked and were granted forgiveness by God, so its all good.

Spent Saturday evening with Americans, it was interesting:  Three were republicans (Texas boys) and two were democrats (NYC, but really long term expats).  The GOP boys support (grudgingly) Donald Trump "because he's less of a crook than Hilary!"  of course when I pointed out (as a Canadian) that he had an impressive number of business failures and lawsuits for non-payment of debts...well I got a "its the liberal media crock" -- when I showed them the number of outstanding lawsuits against trump (granted it was a leftwing source -- but it all came from legal registry of two weeks ago) there was a bit of quiet.  These were guys (white median age 60) from Texas who are all millionaires but feel that they got a raw deal.  As for the Democrats they too were slightly delusional; to say that the lower middle class didn't get a raw deal over the past 40 years is to really not want to know the facts.

What is remarkable about all these, seemingly, smart people is how little information they had, how "uncurious" there were about their own country -- they see a news story they don't question the source or the statement.  I think it has to do with America's education system that spoon feeds its students.  They are not trained to be curious, to doubt information that is provided to them from various agenda driven sources.  In reality when you are worth $20 million dollars -- you didn't get a raw deal -- by any stretch of the imagination.  40 years ago I noticed this when at the LSE, American students would almost never check their information against other sources.  If its written in an article it must be true.  There is no sense that the winner writes history.  The issue with FOX news is not that they lie (although at times...) but that they choose their facts and ignore the information that clashes with their beliefs in a way that ensures that they are saying their truth.

Voter fraud -- a real issue unless you ask how many cases of voter fraud in any one election -- As en example in Ohio (where Mike Pence comes from) there are has been something like 15 or 20 instance of voter fraud, in the last 15 years.  That means that something like 2 to 3 votes per election were fraudulent.  Not really likely to change the result.  So if you are FOX news you say:  Voter fraud is a problem in America (sure its a problem but a tiny tiny one).  

One of my favorite example, Obama's wife walking around with a sleeveless dress (how shameful), now it appears that Trumps' current wife was an underwear sleeveless dresses maybe not such an issue after all?

As the Economist stated yesterday; Trump at 30% likelihood of winning is at the same level of Brexit winning!  This man is clearly unfit to be president, but it could happen.  This man thinks little of women (who bleed) and seems to have a think for women with big breast, and that they should show off their bodies.  He clearly has little patience for brown and other  -- he's a fan of winners, and in his book winners are all 40/60 year old white guys... 


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