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Doing the unexpected

Donald Trump has been president for slightly more than 7 weeks (has it only been seven weeks) and yet he has already filed papers to run for elections in seems a little premature, but really is a brilliant move.  Donald Trump keeps on doing the unexpected, in a way that is redefining politics and policy:

  • By running his upcoming speech in Nashville as a political rally (financed by his campaign for re-election) he can choose who he admits, use it on TV ads, make it available to the network that will run it on prime time and show DJT in full glory with adoring fans -- while keeping protesters far away, ideally showing pictures of protesters attacking the police -- you know good stuff!  [and sell stuff to his adoring fans]
  • Trump has repeatedly said that the current US government is only for those who voted Republicans (although Trumpcare seems to be more about giving to the 1% than anything else), and can be ignored by elected officials -- a clear break from the tradition that the President is the for the entire nation -- a breach in the democratic tradition -- but again traditions are only that: traditions
  • Not a week goes by with out some DJT sponsored conspiracy theory -- and like all ADHD sufferers the press runs after the new shinny ball.  
  • The best way to make sure that government doesn't work is to stop it from working.  Trump has nominated almost none of the department's heads -- which means most departments are in limbo.   
  • Mark "non-GOP supporters" civil servants as traitors that need to be "purges" from the ranks of the civil service.

It is the first time (ok ok McCarthy is the exception but he was never the president) in living memory that a President has completely changed the method of governing.  What he says on Monday is already gone on Wednesday, by running for president right now he reduces the opposition to nothing, by campaigning only in red states with compliant governors he can convince them to keep protesters very far away, and insure via aggressive policing that things deteriorate.

President Trump is a game changer for America's democracy.  He has used the tools in a new and innovative way to change the way government works.  He has silenced the opposition and removed their oxygen (publicity) with new and ever changing conspiracies.  Because Congress has been neutered (because right now they believe they can control Trump) and will be controlled (Ryan's day are short with Trumpcare/Ryancare) by Trump as soon as a replacement is found for Ryan.

Truly effective moves in the part of Trump and his team.  Given enough time he can completely reshape the US government control and balances so that the America's democracy is forever altered.

P.S.  I am not a fan of President Trump, rather the opposite.  However, the US governing system had become completely dysfunctional and without redemption.  America that had been generous and open has become closed and mean!  The debate on healthcare is telling; its not about the money its about being mean!  Its about insuring that those less fortunate suffer.  The republic is ready to pay to make sure that its people suffer.  Its moral compass is gone and a change is necessary.  It is a truism of the late 20th century and early 21st century that those economies that have been the most successful are not democratic -- china and Russia are good example. It is very sad, but it may be true that the world is changing and the America is the first of the 20th century democracy to fall -- probably not the last!


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