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Trump, Congress and the American way of life

What an exiting weekend, turns out that instead of asking the NSA, CIA and FBI if President Obama had wire-taped his Trump Tower phones, the President decided to ask the question on Twitter, all this apparently borne out of a wet dream of Mark Levin a far (waco) right radio commentator, a repeated in Brietbart!

Now, based on Trump's "gut feeling" Congress wants to start an investigation...too busy to look into the allegation of Russian interference in the 2016 election process but stuff that Trump can ask directly from the NSA/CIA/CIA...that is something they have the time to investigate. Republican Congress have become the cheerleaders of the Trump administration, they are not a check and balance they are squarely in his corner.  Granted Congress has its hands full with the new healthcare legislation, to the left (the democrats) are not about to help Paul Ryan destroy Obamacare, to the right the Freedom Caucus wants no health care at all, free for all, cats, dogs everything into the mix.

In other words without major pork to the Freedom Caucus the ACA replacement is dead in the water. These days there is more pork but not much that will satisfy the true red blooded Freedom Caucus members who have promise to their base (who use the ACA) complete and total repeal of any government involvement in the healthcare.  On the bright side medicaid is now included in the mix with block grants -- over time, as inflation bits the value of the block grants (to the states) will fall to nothing (e.g. medical inflation is running at 6/7% while general inflation is running at 1/2%.

Now, not only will Emergency room be full of uninsured people (increasing the costs to the states) there is a certainty that many Americans will lose healthcare coverage.  The GOP will underplay that number, the Democrats will exaggerate... Still the number is certain to be large.

More gift to rich Americans, cheaper and tighter to poor Americans.  Farms will get tax breaks on their profits (as will industry) but will have no one to pick their fruits and vegetables...if they use "American" labor they will make no profits.

Study after study show that America is now becoming far less mobile (between classes) than it was 30 years ago.  People have increasingly ghettoized the country -- living with like minded people and seeing no others.  If you only see "others" via the lense of Fox News or Breitbart you may easily think that "these people" are not Americans, that they don't deserve to be there.


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