Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I read

As a finance guy there are a few things you have to read almost on a daily basis; the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Financial Times are the three core "journals of record" of the financial world.  Over the past 5 years my reading habits have been changing.  First to go was the WSJ, frankly now that the rest of the journal (the Editorials and opinions always were) has been taking over by the loony right and now colours everything they write (I blame Newscos to some extent... but the seeds have long been there).  The FT for some reason (maybe because the problems in Europe are so severe) has become such a Eurocentric publication to become almost irrelevant to my needs.

I had a short divorce from the Economist (2002/06) but I'm now back in the fold.  The one surprise has been the NY Times that has proven to be a very good replacement for the WSJ (Ok the opinion pages has the same problem, except from the other side of the isle),  Still the NYT's financial coverage is now excellent -- and when I gave up the FT last week, it was the NYT that took its place.

I read virtually no Canadian papers, principally because their news coverage is terrible, the French side is bad (in fact the entire paper has been taken over by columnists -- at the expense of hard reporting).  I don't  really understand that here in Quebec "feelings" have replaced hard facts... The English press (Montreal's Gazette) here lived in that strange universe.  The two national papers (Globe & Mail and National Post) have strong political slants (left and right respectively) and have an axe to grind with regards to almost every issue with these polarized glasses. 


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