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Man do right wings hate EVs or what

 Reading the comments on Zerohedge about Rivian IPO, and you would be hard-pressed to get comments that make any sense at all.  The bottom line is they hate EV, it's a passion.  never mind that 95% of EVs are manufactured in the US for the US market. They really want to have coal-fired cars if they could.  it's a pollution thing.  One bozo even said that Ford sells 900,000 F150 per annum (it's actually 128,000), not zero but still  Of course, there are always the guys who talk about camping with an EV or going on long road trips.  Facts, 99% of all vehicle trips, excluding trucks) are for less than 200 KM. The range for all EVs is nearly twice that. The issue with Rivian is that they sold 20 odds cars, they have an order book for 150,000 more.  
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COP26 and the airline indstry

 The airline industry has pledged that by 2050 they will be carbon neutral, amusing if you think about it, considering that the airline industry has little say on the technology being deployed -- it GE, RR  and SNECMA who design engines for aircraft. Still 2050, lots can happen in 30 years

Tesla Beater: Rivian

 OK in the 3rd quarter of 2021, Tesla delivered a total of 210,000 cars which is not bad, a few days ago, Rivian a competitor to Tesla did its IPO, and today the stock opened 35% above its IPO price, the total market cap for Rivian is north of US$ 90 billion. How many cars has Rivian delivered over the past 2 years...its s a smaller number than Telsa that's for sure, how about 22, not 22,000 but as of October 20th, 2021, Rivian had delivered a grand total of 22 vehicles, just short of two dozen cars. Rivian is today worth more than General Motors.  In the third quarter of 2021 GM sold about 240,000 cars Now Tesla is down 12% on the news that EM may sell some shares.  The company's market cap is still just north of 1,000 billion, only 10x more than Rivian, which sold 22 cars.  

AMLO, Energy Constitution what the President's game

 Two weeks ago, the already contentious announcement that CFE would prioritize the use of power produced by CFE rather than the independent producers.  This was already seen as a hard knock on the back of foreign investors, but it got worse last week when AMLO started talking about expropriation, not only that but those who have installed a rooftop solar systems to reduce power costs would be forced to remove them.   According to th the law before Congress, those who saw these systems removed would be compensated, although considering the state of Mexico's treasury, it's not entirely clear, the CEO of CFE on Monday indicated that the best bet was nationalization without compensation, like in 1936.  The old men who run Mexico today have this vision of Mexico as an energy-independent country (85% of all-natural gas is from the US, 22% of Mexico's electricity is purchased from the US).  This dream is based on this vision of a perfect example of what Cuba and Venezuela tried (a

Variant Delta -- news, fake news and other stories

 One thing for sure, the Delta variant is far more transmissible than the other variants, it's the only point everyone seem to agree upon.  As for the rest... Zero Hedge used Daniel Horowitz -- (we assume its actually the trump loving lawyer who got disbarred a few weeks ago), and now refer to him as a writer (there is a David Horowitz who is actually a conservative writer).  Says that Variant D is not dangerous and it's all a tissue of lies, then again he said that America faced no risk in 2020 from the first variant, you can quibble on the number of dead Americans, but it got to be around 600,000 -- some will say that figure is no worse than the seasonal flu (which is not correct about 60,000 Americans die from the flu every year -- mostly elderly). Then there is the announcement that its more contagious but far less deadly, and the proof are some numbers out of the UK, for once AD didn't use Russia -- because Russia is in trouble with Moscow and St Petersburg being affec

Bitcoin getting it wrong and seeing a price correction

 When Bitcoin hit $3,000 some years ago a friend said to me this was a great trade, and I should invest.  I told him, that to me, for now, Bitcoin was a purely speculative play and not an investment.  The same way a Picasso at $100 million was not an investment it was speculation, speculation that someone else would pay more for an asset that has no function -- sure its pretty but so is a poster! Bitcoin made it all the way to $60,000 or thereabout. my friend who had bought 500 coins at $250 in 2016 would be worth $ 90 million if he had sold at the peak -- he didn't sell at the peak he sold at around $10,000. Now Bitcoins are going down based on nothing, except that investors have soured to the instrument -- by the way, it's not only bitcoin that has seen a massive drop in price, it trades around $38,000 today down 37% from its peak in early April 2021, all other cryptos took a hit. My point was always the same if there is no reason for the price of a financial instrument to go