Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crisis, fear and crying wolf

So looking at US news coverage Sunday and Monday left the impression that NY is entering a new ice age, when in fact they got a whole 12cm of snow.  Granted 12cm of snow for us Canadian is nothing much, but that the winds made things interesting at JFK, still one days Newyorkers are going to get fed up of all this "fear mongering" in the media (I hope).

I mean really, the whole thing was so overblown it demonstrates the limitations of 24/7 news coverage; Each station outbidding its ability to exaggerate the situation... one day a real bad storm will occur and then people will die, because once too many time the end of the world has been predicted.

Does anyone remember in 2004 and 2008 election cycles, the "red alert" for terroriste activity was going up almost every other day.  until at one point no one paid attention.  Especially once it was revealed that the one "red alert" had been declared based on two year old evidence.  Clear evidence that the "red alerts" were really a political tool!

anyway, once again Americans look like crazy people...well if the shoe fits.


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