Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Did you know how many people are running for the president of the United States!

First off, I knew there were a few Republicans in the run, but I didn't know that the total was 14 with two more probables.  On the democrats there are five declared -- but realistically that race is done, Ms Clinton is well ahead in all the polls -- Sanders/Chaffe and Webb are all there to make sure that the left is well represented.

On the Republican side you've got the Christians:  Huckabee/Santorum.  On the far right you've got Cruz/Paul/Walker/Jindal and the crazies:  Trump/Carson  the funnies you've got Trump,Trump and I forget the third one (e.g Perry).  Then the corporatists:  Bush/Christie/Fiorina/Pataki/Graham probably forgetting someone.

On thing for sure, while the GOP was hoping for a more serious primary than last time -- they didn't get their wish.  Trump is certain to be a nightmare as is Cruz he is trying to prove that he's to the right of Gengis Kan!

Why are so many people running this time, why has the GOP been unable to get things under controls.  One reason is that the GOP doesn't actually control anything.  That's shocking but its true. The Democrats are less unruly, and don't really have a true "left wing" whereas the GOP has the Tea Party, the Evangelical, the Koch Brothers, each with their own funding and PAC money.

I still think that one of the corporatists will win the nomination, but the damage they will suffer getting there may be too much (to win the general election).  The reality is that Trump is showing the American voting public who the real GOP is, and its not pretty, there is no doubt that his initial polling success considering his bigoted statements is a clear indication of the debate the GOP will have over the next few months.  16 candidates will tear each other apart, before they are allowed to focus on Hillary!  The real issue for the GOP is that they NEED the ethnic vote, and the way they are behaving they will not get it!  George Bush got nearly 26% of the ethnic vote, by the time Romney was defeated a second time -- that number was down to 12%.

Even the corporatists face difficulties; Bush saw his wealth explode 8 fold between 2008 and 2015, while America was going trough a difficult time, Bush was advising the banks...Cruz is certain to pull a few stunts to show his "real conservative agenda", suppression of the Supreme court, Constitutional Amendment to ban same sex marriage.  By Q1/2016 there will be need to raise the debt level -- once again.  His famous filibuster to nowhere is certain to come again.


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