Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thanks to Vox I finally understand why Trump is so popular

For weeks now I've been mystified as to the enduring popularity of Donald Trump as the GOP's leading candidate.  You assume that they (GOP members) can't really all be that dumb...but weeks later you are forced to concluded that yes maybe they are that dumb.  However, this rejection of a large percentage of the population as 'functioning imbeciles" never sat well with me.  Vox here explained what's going on.  

First off, Trump is a "nativist" which is fine -- its a label of course, and not that kind either, but its a true reflection of the man and his message; America can be great, Immigration is bad and causes 100% of all the crimes.  So far Trump has not spoken of the Non-latino population -- but I'm virtually certain that over the next few weeks that will change -- the words "lazy" and "stupid" and "welfare queens" will somehow emerge. All republicans candidates are nativists; maybe not in such harsh terms as those employed by Trump, but they are all for the repatriating illegals (they say it differently, but at the very least they want to make life uncomfortable as possible to those living in America illegally).  This is a well supported view within the GOP.

Secondly, most Americans love social security -- that's important!  Poll after poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans (across party lines) want to keep social security, and that only 3% of Americans want Social Security to be eliminated.  Looking at America's top 3% and you get income in excess of $250,000 and savings in excess of $1,000,000.  Which explains why the other GOP candidates are against social security -- the money that candidates need to remain in the race comes from this very demographic.  You don't bite the hand that feeds you. Therefore, on social security Trump is a lone wolf (even his best bud -- Ted Cruz want social security to be privatised and/or terminated).

So Trump is siting in a very interesting position, and its going to be real hard to move him away from his leading position, because Americans are, in general, against immigration and pro social security; Trump is the only game in town.  He's the only one who could take that position -- because he owns nothing to no anyone.  If you want to support Trump with your millions fine, but it will be Trump's message not yours.  

Obviously if it gets serious the GOP brass can probably do something to push Trump out, but then he may decided to run as an independent -- my guess would be that on that basis its even possible for the GOP 's candidate to finish in third place.  

Yes Trump is inconsistent, and his policies make little or no sense, but the other "contestants"  have the same problem, healthcare but to name just one.  Iran is another one; lets be clear everyone in America agrees that the war in Iraq was a disaster -- the cost in lives and money was far higher than anyone (even the most pessimist) had anticipated -- and most of the leading candidates want to go to war with Iran... I mean do they thing Americans are stupid? 

So Mr. Trump is doing well, and unless one of the candidate "out-crazies" the Donald he could be there for a while.  Those who oppose him mention his inconsistence, without taking into account their own inconsistencies.   He is also doing well in some of the early primary states, the GOP with unlimited money unleashed a process; it is now reaping the result of its success.  Not sure that was the objective, once again the law of unintended consequences strikes.


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