Monday, September 21, 2015

Maybe not Bush, but Walker is a gonner!

So I think we are back to 2012 at the time of the last Presidential primary when a "cycle" of bozo and unprepared circulated as the "candidate of choice" as the GOP crowd favorite "Republican candidate to the presidency".  It seems that Mrs Fiorina has jumped from around 3% to 15%, ahead of "I am falling asleep" Carson who is just ahead of Rubio.

Now Mr Trump seems to have sunk from 32% support last week to 24% this week -- could this be the sign that the GOP establishment has been hoping for; the end of the Trump nightmare?  At the last CNN 3 hours marathon debate she was poling around 3% -- so she's now #2 in the race at 15%.   Mr. Bush the favorite of the neo-con wing (also favorite of the Roosevelt Republicans) is nowhere to be seen (sitting around 9%) in 5th place.  He's apparently sitting on more than $100 million -- so he will not rush for the exit, but its got to be somewhat dispiriting to be with the also ran.

It also brings hope that if Carson is replaced with Fiorina than the 30 days cycle is now in replay mode from 4 years ago.  It gives some hope to the guys sitting at the bottom of the ladder that one day it will be their day.  The preeminence of Carson, Trump and Fiorina is a strange outcome, and it is more telling of the GOP troubles than anything about the outcome of this race.  All three have zero executive experience in government.  The first guy who's ever run public office is Rubio who polls at 9%; many suspect that he may pick up steam -- especially away from Bush as the two guys from Florida battle it out.

The cycle of candidates at the top of the heap (with Trump lording over everyone around) There are good odds now that Fiorina will do well for a while and then her weakness (to GOP voters -- e.g. she's a women) will outshine her "new car" smell that she has now. It speaks loudly to GOP's own troubles than about the candidates and much more about the GOP political climat that seems to be toxic to anyone who has ever held elected office (Rubio being the one exception)

The biggest loser is Scott Walker who went from 20%, to 15%, 12% 8% 5% and now 1% support. His collapse has been rather stark and has to do with being out-crazied by both Trump and Carson and then going Full Retard with negative results -- I mean even the most rabid minutemen don't take the treat of Canada seriously.  Trying to out-crazy he lost, and his lack of understanding of major issue (plus pissing on his base back home) just made matters worse.  I believe that after Perry, Mr Walker will be the next to exit stage right!

Could not happen to a more deserving guy!  He's be unspeakable for months now he can get back to Wisconsin cheese steak sandwich  (really not a delicacy)


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