Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Terrorism, the media and the flight for the right (GOP/Conservative etc) A very short post

I hardly ever watch network TV, I don't think I've watched a political gabfest in more than 3, maybe even 5 years.  Its just that pundits the world over have an opinion, it will not change, and its why the are on TV, they're a sure thing for the bookers -- the "hooker" of the TV world -- you get what you pay for!

Anyway, at a loss, in an Ottawa hotel I saw this debate on the confluence of recent Canadian elections, the Liberals' (left of centre) victory and the impact of the Paris terrorist attacks.  Present were a conservative pundit, a token "good looking" muslim women and  a radio host -- my guess is that no smart liberal wanted to be on that show.  BTW I do realize that's probably the beginning of a joke:  So a conservative, a Muslim and a radio guy walk into a bar...  

Back to my story: the conservative pundit (hereafter know by her initial TK) who I vaguely know is asked a leading question:  If the Canadian elections were held the day after the Paris terrorist attacks would the conservative have won?  Now TK is very good at her job, although I think she could have been blindsided if a Liberal had been present.

Her glib answer was that "she knew that the liberals were praying for no terrorist attacks".  Now this statement is made for a very good reason -- so that TK will be asked to come again.  She's the Canadian (therefore not crazy) version of Anne Coulter -- a right wing firebrand always present in the media.  Had a reasonably smart Liberal been there he could have answered the following:

"TK the implication of that statement is that Steven Harper and his army of minions (Sound evil but in a harmless kind of way) were praying for there to be some form of terrorist act!"  

Since no Liberal was there (and this is an imaginary conversation in my head) TK's assertion was left hanging unchallenged by either the Muslim (who's apparently very very afraid of walking in Toronto) and a quiet radio guy.   For starts it is self evident that neither the Liberals or the Conservative were praying for anything but victory.  Their real prayers were for local and national bread and butter issues, and not the risk of a terrible terrorist attack in Paris.

But this kind of vacuous punditry is why I don't watch TV -- ever. BTW is it just me or are there more commercials then before, and are they dumber too?  Gosh I'm turning into a surly old man...


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