Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Belgium, France and Quebec

I would be remissed if I didn't address the terrorist bombing in Belgium earlier today.  The coordinated act (in three separate events it turns out) is simply a continuation of what a bunch of barbarian would do, the reason seems to be that the guy who planned the terrorist attacks in Paris was caught in Belgium -- that's all these guys need as an excuse.  What is amazing is that it has been known for some time that many terrorist cells have been using Belgium as their home away from home, now the Belgian government has declared martial law...  France has left in place a substantial percentage of martial law system in place since last summer's attack.  Its starting to look like a political ploy by President Holland.  Now two European countries have suspended basic rights...I guess to protect their citizen's right?

As for the France/Quebec thing, it is truly amazing that Mme LePen came to Montreal/Quebec for meetings with the political class -- but had not organised a single meeting before flying out.  Unsurprisingly, not a single politician here would consider meeting with France's leader of the National Front -- Quebec has no lessons to learn from integration of minorities from France that created the "Cite" as a mean of keeping that "Foreign riffraff" away from "good and decent white French people".  That these areas have become largely unmanageable is hardly surprising.  

Since she's been rebuff by Quebec's entire political class Mme LePen's vitriol vis-a-vis us has been rather out of control.  At first, I though this was al orchestrated to obtain "something" now Mme LePen looks like a disorganised and mean politician -- in a place that doesn't give a rat's ass about her opinion.  Now we care for her and her movement even less.

Goes to show, even Holland looks better than her now -- that takes some effort! 

On another "economic" note, things are going slow in the world.  There seems to be increased desperation as to how to prime the pump.  I'm confident that China will let the Yuan drop against the dollar -- exporting deflation, as a tool to revive the economy (don't think it will work...) Oil price are playing the $40/bbl game -- we shall see.


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