Thursday, June 23, 2016

New York City demonstration -- in front of the Mexican Embassy...

Well that was strange, yesterday I was walking on near the Chrysler building in mid town manhattan when I saw a rather particular sight:  Demonstration in from the the Mexican Embassy to the UN.  Didn't know what it was about, the demonstrators looked like Mexican (what do I know!).  Turns out it was about a recent massacre in the town of Oaxaca, where apparently the police killed 19 demonstrators and injured "hundreds".  

Turns out it was really serious thing -- actually the US press covered the issue (it got a little out of hand), but the real issue is that the state of Oaxaca is the most reactionary (or at least the teacher's union the most powerful) and they have stopped the state from reforming the education system -- which by the way is a unbelievable; apparently a large number of teachers have never showed up for work, they even inherited their job.  Guess what they have zero shame, they want to keep the phantom jobs.

Now, the problem is far more than just that, but it gives a sense as to the nature of the problem.  In reality here the issue is how 19 people were killed by the police, even if this was a violent demonstration there is simply no justification for killing 19 people.  Police brutality run amok!  

In other news, in 2015, Freddie Gray died in police custody -- from a broken back.  He was arrested for possession of a "illegal" knife that was actually legal.  So this poor bastard, was arrested while committing no crime and was killed in Prison by a bunch of cops (6) that have now been found not guilty of killing Freddie Gray!

Also last week a police officer (white dude) was given probation for growing pot, while some poor black guy gut life for the the exact same crime -- one would suspect that the police officer knew very well that growing pot was illegal (the black guy too, but then he was not an officer of the law -- and he got life).  

America, land of the the free, land of the brave -- as long as you are a white dude!

At least the weather is nice -- airport is ok too, if you love junk food (which I don't) even the salads look like calorie bombs.

End of rant


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