Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump, Carrier and Tax breaks!

And so it has started!

Those in the know, now have a blueprint for getting government tax breaks -- with a bit of publicity added to the mix!

Of the 1,300 jobs that were saved the real number apparently is far lower.  The official number is now in the region of 600 -- once you remove the jobs that were never going to leave anyway.  Now I am very happy for the 600 who actually kept their job, the cost to Indiana's tax payers is at least $7 million -- and I understand that there are further goodies such as lower corporate taxes.

The blueprint is now for a company that wants to shift 5,000 jobs to Mexico/Vietnam (you get the picture) to announce 10,000 jobs being cut, and then wait for the government to give you your goodies bag, and then cut the 5,000 jobs you were going to eliminate anyway.  If you do it right you can even get a undertaking from Trump that he will not impose tariffs on your imported production.  The only looser is the tax payer, and considering Trump's objective of cutting off ACA, medicare and privatizing Social Security -- the blue collar guy who just kept his job just got a tax increase in his income, while taxes on dividends are slashed...

What a great country!


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