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Trump anti american or new right wing network

The departure of Trump's chief of staff on Thursday is a lesson of what seems like a good idea turns out to be terrible.  The guy was an operator (granted no one knew he was an operator for Russia's interests in the Ukraine). It appears that Paul Montford had been phoning it in for a few days/weeks prior to his removal -- a series of reason; first the candidate completely ignores the words of paid professionals; and it shows in the past month Clinton has basically disappeared from the national seen -- leaving all the room to Trump that seems to do his darnedest to lose the elections in November.  Question:  Aside from what uneducated white men is there any group that Trump likes?

The second "conspiracy theory" is that the presidential elections are only an excuse for the creation of a new right wing network to rival FOX.  I suspect that this is the wet dream or the conclusion that the media has made of Trump's behavior over the past six week.  In fact, he seems to be almost everything to lose the elections; he antagonises every voter -- I mean who makes a speech to an all white crowd on why the "blacks should support him".  It seems that Roger Ailes in now an unofficial advisor after getting the boot from FOX news for numerous charges of sexual assault.  Steve Bannon his new chief of staff is a conspiracy theorist (about as good as National Enquire) of the first magnitude and hates the GOP is an avide supporter of Alt-right objectives including nativism, racism and everything in-between.

Trump has made promises to stop virtually all immigration, introduce McCarthy era truth and honesty tribunals and to clip the wings of the media (who says nasty things about him).  That there will be tons of high paying jobs for making things in America... considering that Trump stand little chance of winning in November his supporters will rage at congress and the senate, and will blame Clinton for all the problems -- a new clientele for Trump News Network?

Trump has energizes the "know nothing" the segment of the American population that believes both in UFO, 9/11 truthers, that Obama is a secret Muslim.  A group that is increasingly disenchanted with FOX news "move to the centre"  -- actually, FOX remains as rabid as ever, its just that Alt-right that has been moving towards a totalitarian version of America -- where real men are white, real women stay at home, children are always respectful and the non-white stay in their preordained place.  This group is looking for an outlet that will reflect their world view (Breitbart has been a real plus there). However, the destruction of the GOP is not something to be taken lightly, the shift that allows young men to scream at minorities with no ill effect.  These are things that will leave an imprint on America for a long long time, the view that Clinton is really just a criminal (possibly a war criminal) that should be tried for treason (not sure what she did to gain that positon) nevertheless the misogyne tendency of the Trump camp (Bitch, c&nt and other terms...).

The fall if civility with the rise if social media and the crushing impact of cable news has led to a sea change in the way people interact with each other.  The rise of reality TV where deranged people scream at each other of inconsequential matters, is also evident in the media, were last week Rudi Guliani said that there were no foreign terrorist acts against America until Obama came to power -- this from the guy who was the MAYOR of New York City on September 11, 2001.

Bottom line:  Trump's behavior makes no sense if the man wants to meet an election.  America's media wonders if there is not something else afoot here, because if he wants to win he's not doing the right things; the crazy statements the for ever defence while Clinton sails by with little impact...


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