Friday, August 12, 2016

Trump another terrible statement

Its Friday, and really I cannot say that I am surprised.  A few days ago, the internet was agog at Trump's latest and greatest, which was to basically say that a 2004 dead American soldier was a traitor, that his father was a ISIS sympathiser and that his wife was afraid of her husband -- as all good muslims women should be; that was the end of Trump.

Guess what not even close:

In the last few days and in no particular order:

  1. ISIS was created by Obama and Clinton
  2. That if Clinton wins then those who support the second amendment (guns) should do something, maybe.
  3. The NYT should lose its accreditation ('cause they've been such strong supporters of Clinton...not)

That's in seven days; its not really important but the facts are that ISIS was created in the late 1990 and became what it is today in the early 2000 -- so maybe Bill Clinton -- but Hilary was only his wife then!  As for inciting violence against clinton -- second amendment remedies are usually meant as armed revolved -- the whole point of the second amendment (a well organized militia...).

The point is that nothing sticks to Trump because his supporters just don't care, they don't read the papers they are not interested in mainstream media -- they like Rush they like their crazies that it.  David Frum said it best, bottom line Trump is not speaking to us.  He is talking to they tired the (feeling) oppressed white blue collars who feel they got a raw deal (not entirely false).  Although they have no share in the greatest economy, if they had they would have made a fortune, they have little education and what they do have has not prepared them for the new world -- because in their mind the world has changed and has left them behind.  

Some compare Trump to Hitler, probably the right time frame but the wrong country my thinking is that Musolini is a much better "example" of Trump.  As a friend always says:  look it up on google!


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