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National Security & Trump

Well this takes the cake!

Flynn fell on his sword (you knew it was going to happen when "the President supports Michael Flynn" line came across the wire). The implication is potentially very serious. There is no doubt that the FBI took their sweet time in investigating this problem. The problem is this: When did the President know and what did he know (these words made famous by the Watergate scandal).

Right now Flynn is gone, fine and good, but one has to wonder why he would have gone to the Russian on his own without the approval of his boss. Today, Zero hedge, a news site that has known "pro-Russia" positions when to some length to say that "there is no evidence" provided by the media that the relationship between the Trump campaign and Russia was anything real/bad or that the Russians were giving orders to the Trump camp.

Hmmm, a news site "bitching" about the lack of "proof" from the media! Journalists have hatted Trump from the very start -- granted they are often prima donna's but it remains that Trump has gone out of his way to antagonize the fifth estate. He should not be surprised that they are gunning to bring him down. They know he's a hack and not very prepared or really that interested in this role of President. Once again Trump has made the news on Israel -- where the two state solution may no longer be part of the peace solution -- will this be like the Jerusalem Embassy thing -- a quick easy statement that will have to be re-visited in two days?

The problem for the Trump administration is that the comments about the Trump camp going all the way back to the nomination convention (where the Trump team made a bit change to the party's platform on Russia -- the only change they requested) and when there seems to have been computers talking directly from the Trump camp to certain Russian banks, to Flynn's talking to the Russian Ambassador. That Russia didn't react to the expulsion of one of its diplomats (somewhat unusual) indicates that Russia expected much more favorable treatment from a Trump White House than it got from Obama.

All this stuff around Russia/Trump is serious stuff (we are talking treason here) and Flynn would have know that! He must have been pressured by someone (maybe Trump) to go and reassure the Russians. The more you think of what Flynn did the less it looks like a "rogue agent" move, and more of a plan administration project.

In foreign affaires the whole thing has been a dog's breakfast -- first Taiwan -- 10 days later Trump re-affirmed the "one China" policy, then there was the Jerusalem Embassy -- again walked back, the very poorly written immigration presidential act -- which got a 3-0 thumbs down from the court of appeal. Now this Russian problem that will probably not go away -- first because the FBI/CIA/NSA are all investigating. Come-on, if you just watched the West Wing you know that all communication between certain key people in the US and the Russian/Chinese are monitored. What kind of dumbass doesn't know that! They made an episode about it...

So far, Trump's success have been few and far between:

Reform/cancellation of the ACA NO -- frankly the GOP has no idea of what to do!
Massive infrastructure program -- No
Piss off Mexico/Australia/Germany --yeah he did do that
Tax reform -- Next two weeks...its going to be great
TTP agreement -- cancelled he did do that!
Recognized Taiwan -- did that but 10 days later re-affirmed the one china policy, screwing Taiwan
Reopen NAFTA Yep he did do that. Didn't count of Canada's enthusiastic support
Asked the VP to examine how the election was stolen. GOP congress told him (again) to take a hike
Russia -- could be nothing could be a Watergate, right now its bad but not terrible, but many are digging...


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