Monday, February 6, 2017

So life goes on. Two weeks of Trump

you've got to hand it to Trump; he has managed in less then 2 weeks to pissoff Mexico, China, Germany, France, and the Uk.  Plus to add more fun he's manage to pissoff the takes some effort to achieve that level of success.

So far he's made the Canadians happy; by reopening NAFTA (to teach the Mexicans a lesson I guess) and Israel.  The Canadians cannot believe their good luck...they've been furious as virtually every single car plant in Canada has been shut, and Canada has a large trade deficit with the US -- a real opportunity for the solf lumber industry and some of Canada's dairy producers that have been kept out of the US market.  Trump must had wondered what all that cheering was when he starts his little fight with the Mexicans!  As for Israel, they were best buds until Israel pointed out that moving the Embassy to Jerusalem was maybe not the best idea, and then that add insult to injury the right wing press (in Israel) have been saying unkind things about Trump.

Yes Trump is a special guy, who will go down in the history books as a guy with a massive ego, who know nothing about the constitution or the separation of power.  I have no idea how long he will last, already the crazy wing of the GOP wants him to abolish the ACA without a replacement (freedom caucus but also the mean wing of the GOP), talking of impeachment! It's been two weeks, feels like much longer.



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