Friday, February 24, 2017

Steve Bannon: He said what?

Earlier today (Friday) Bannon was speaking at CPAC, and he said:  "The cabinet secretary were selected for their task of "deconstruction of the administrative state"

I mean looking at Trump cabinet you feel that those appointed hate their job and department; turns out they were selected for that very reason -- the destruction of the organ of state.  This is truly amazing that a senior White House official and confident to the President that the entire decision of selecting the cabinet is to ensure the destruction of these departments.  It also explains why so few of the confirmation required jobs have been filled -- there will be no job to take over.   If the intent is destruction (and quickly at that -- the mid term elections are just around the corner), then they have to move quickly.  Already on February 3rd legislation has been introduce to eliminate the EPA. Education has to be next, Social Security administration (since it will be pawned off to Wall Street), Department of agriculture and Department of the Interior -- easy picks for the current administration. It would seem that the department of Energy is more complicated since they supervise the storing of nuclear arms...

Privatizing social security and grant for states to administer medicare and medicaid will certainly cut the size of government.  Keeping medicare/medicaid at the level of general inflation will kill these programs within 10/15 years (medical inflation is running 2x or 3x the level of genera inflation).

Trumps' White House has declared war on the Federal government -- and both the Senate and Chamber of Representative will watch the Federal government being dismantled with glee.

Could this mark the end of the American Empire -- where police are given additional powers (national guards too), to not only arrest but also to depart (i.e. being judge and jury)?  This sounds needlessly pessimistic, on the other hand Bannon has no issue with the world knowing exactly what he is planning -- he must feel confident that there are no barriers to his tasks to admit it so freely!

Watch out below...


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