Wednesday, December 17, 2014

America, democracy and torture

Did you know that in a recent Poll (yesterday) 78% 59% (if you exclude -- sometime justified) of Americans thought that torture was A-O-K! Jack Bower proved that torture is a righteous tool!  That it works and it should be used.  That its OK for ordinary people to be killed by drones (even though their only crime is to be live in country that are not America).

Across gender, race and income levels Americans are pro-torture!

Right now its foreigners (mostly) that get tortured, but how long will that last, when will it become ok to torture an guy so that he tells you who were his accomplices in a bank robbery (still no problem).  How about we torture a couple of bankers to tell us how the made sure their deals would fall apart... how about then.

How about when Americans protest about their civil rights... a OK turns out they don't care about that either.


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