Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rouble is back... for now, and other news

(1)  Less than 24 hours after the Russian Rouble became unconvertible its back.  Again, this could be temporary, this could be permanent, but its clear that the world's central banks decided that the impact of having the Rouble out of the equation was not acceptable.  

Will it last, don't know

(2)  Yesterday Greece (a non-consequential country) continues to play its political games, the opposition announced that if elected they will repudiate parts of its foreign debt (that's more like it).

(3)  This morning inflation numbers came in (USA) and they are -0.3% for the month; that a 3.4% deflation rate on an annual basis -- fuel cost have half, and fuel is core to the inflation calculator

Where we go from here?  Don't know

(4) Christmas is around the corner, trading (for real accounts and not algo) is about to collapse -- cause the punters are full of turkey.

(5) Heavy oil (Canada) is in the low $40 -- we are close to variable cost of extraction in Canada for the Tar sands.

My gut feeling -- stay away from the trading desk, square your positions the Gremlins have the upper hand here there is no glory in guessing.


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