Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Clown #1 lead widens !

Now that's a great headline.  This morning the latest poll, just 12 weeks ahead of the first primary races in New Hampshire and Iowa (its getting serious now) show that The Donald(TM) is now leading the field with 35% support of primary voters -- in Iowa Carson is still #2, but with the bad press -- he ran as an "honest guy" who turns out has lied about his entire life... is really toast.

Things are unchanged in the Dems field, HC is still well ahead of Sanders.  

The Donald continues "outrageous statements" is a non-stop spin machine.  He now suggest that the US and its friends should "Kill the families of terrorists".  Now I don't condone terrorism in any way shape or form, but history has shown that "Freedom fighter" and "Terrorists" can easily be confused -- depending on your side of the argument.  If you are a surviving member of a Yemeni wedding party that was bombed "in error" by a predator drone -- you may feel that America has an unpaid debt, even a blood debt!  

Trump is employing the Kayser Soze solution:  you not only kill your enemy but you also kill the family of your enemy and their friends and even people who lent them money (watch the clip). Anyway, blind and total revenge.  Don't think its a good idea, but its red meat to the base... 

Months ago a Andrew Sullivan made a joke -- inauguration day for Trump. It could happen!


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