Monday, January 11, 2016

The days of the car ownership are coming to an end

This morning Telsa's newest software iteration was released to all users (in the US for now) that now provides a Summons Feature (SF for short).  What is SF, well you press your key fob and the car will find you.  it will drive out of the garage, it may fill itself with electricity independently, but the car will drive to where you are.  Imagine arriving at the airport and "summoning" your car to the curb... I though this feature was years away, in fact it was weeks away.

The important thing here is that the car can move without a driver and passengers -- the taxi of the future if you will, the ultimate "shared economy".  My guess is that in very large cities -- New York, London, Mexico this will become the norm.  You are part of a club, when you need a car you summon one to pick you up...voila!

The news out of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) could not be better for Tesla -- because absolutely every car manufacturer is building an electric car out there.  This is a very big deal, because cars (and their manufacturing) represent a sizably portion of the GDP -- a shift on the use of cars (their longevity) will have an appreciable impact on GDP.


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