Thursday, July 14, 2016

Boris Johson -- New British foreign minister

Its one or the other:  You broke it, now you fix it! or we made a deal where you would withdraw as contender for the Prime Minister's job in exchange for a "substantial position" in the new government!

There is also that its absolutely the best place to put BJ, I mean the entire planet (I hear there are a few on Mars too that are not too keen on the man).  His job is certain to be a massive headache for him and his new team.

In other news; Trump's polling is improving, and he is even ahead of Clinton in Florida -- Trumps' chance of winning in November just rose from 23% to nearly 30%...

Aside from that the world is quiet, S&P500 just hit a new record -- don't know why, republicans are still screaming recession recession (but then they've been saying that since 2008, so it carries less weight now).


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