Friday, March 24, 2017

Health care reform not this year

Today is the day, where the GOP's healthcare reform was to meet's its "first" hurdle which is the house of representative -- a few minutes ago the vote was pulled with 33 no and 9 undecided.  33 no was the death march of the law.

How did this happen?  The GOP had seven years to figure something out, and the end result is a big fat failure?  This was the litmus test for Ryan and Trump and yet the whole thing was mismanaged from the start:

  • It was done in secret
  • None of the natural constituencies where included in the process
  • It was done very very fast (3 weeks instead of 14 months for ACA)
  • It was almost impossible
Bottom line the GOP has been lying to itself.  David Frum suggested, in 2009, that the GOP work with Obama to make a good law.  Instead the GOP lied. made up stuff (death panels) and exaggerated.  Trump who's ADHD made understanding the healthcare problem impossible jumped on the bandwagon of this disaster.

How will Trump pass his tax reform now?  He had limited capital to start with now he has nothing.  Bannon apparently wants the name of those who didn't toe the line...amazing that he doesn't have exactly who was a problem and who was not.  It shows a completely disorganized white house that has no idea how to win a vote.

Now Trump wants to reform trade and taxes -- like there are no special interest there.  He cannot concentrate, he's largely uninterested, has little capital and his thugs don't seem to know how to get things done.

Maybe Mexico can rest easy...Canada will be disappointed, reform of NAFTA would have been a good thing for Canada!


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