Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why Trumpcare failed?

Although the GOP (or at least its associated think tanks) is deeply associated with Obamacare (think of Massachusetts) I suspect that the real issue in the debate about health care is far more phylosphical than most people understand:

The GOP is fundamentally against a government provided healthcare system and will try everything to stop it, its not a question of social good, or of equality is a question that the government should not be involved in healthcare at all.

The Freedom Caucus at least is honest -- it would prefer the government have no role in healthcare at all, in fact, corporation that have deduction for healthcare -- should face the fact that these deduction (for taxes) should disappear!

This is not about making society better or more efficient (you would think it would be in the end) its about philosophy and how the role of the government should be limited to inter-state commerce and defense.  Aside from that nothing.

As for the states, they are sovereign entities; and are responsible for everything else.  Does it make sense in the 21st century -- no not really, why then even go back to the creation of the states -- why not go back further?

I am beginning to fully understand the repudiation of Romneycare -- as it was created because it was never suppose to occurred, it was just a way of responding to Clinton's single payer proposal (yes that's what it was in the early 90s).

It is strange that a political party would support a policy that actually harms its citizen, but its not unheard of, after all the Muslims also have policy that arm their economies, why not the far right of America?

The same issue with abortion and out of wedlock birth; there is a "religious" and social aspect to their vision of the world that is hard to understand.

However, if you want to understand the debate on healthcare its not about healthcare, a healthcare program that excludes hospitalization and medication is not a healthcare program -- in fact, what the GOP had proposed was a tax break for America's wealthiest citizen -- who have no use for healthcare anyway!  They buy what they need, when they need it.

Only 17% of the population supported the GOP's healthcare plan; a large percentage wanted more and a large percentage wanted less...  They know they are hurting their own healthcare interest but if you firmly believe that government has no role in healthcare, education, pollution control then you take the view that these things should be cut, and damn the consequences!

Strange but tested elsewhere too!


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