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Anti vaxxer and Chem trail -- what?

I've been reading a number of articles of late on the anti vaccination movement in the US  The strangest aspect is that most anti-vaccine people are well educated and rich.  Where did these ideas come from, how come it remains at the forefront of discussion (mostly in the US)?  The same for Chem Trails -- that's the idea that jet "mix" in their exhausts chemical to do something -- bottom line whatever they are doing its very very dangerous...

How can reasonably smart people believe this utter bullshit?  I mean think about it, it makes no more sense than Pizzagate -- that's the story that Clinton and friends were running a child abduction (I think) center in the basement of a DC pizzeria (called Comet) so certain that this as fact that one crazy guy even went to investigate (with his long gun) -- and didn't believe the owner when he told him that the pizzeria had no basement.  apparently shots were fired.

All these stories have one thing in common, Facebook -- I had no idea but it appears that these groups are created and then self-select news that demonstrate their viewpoint.  In fact, there are also Facebook pages for UFO abductions (did you know that nearly 20% of Americans believe in UFOs), and BTW its says something about America's obsessions with their asses, that anal probes are a prominent fixture of these abduction sites -- why in the world would aliens be so obsessed with our asses?

The absence of real analysis, of using half truth or 100% invented stories -- making links between things that do not exist -- its all very strange.  Take chem trails, there are applications available that show you exactly what is flying overhead -- in fact, if you live in the US, you just type what plane is overflying me and presto you know what airline what aircraft and its origin and destination. Those obsesses with Chem Trail or anti Vaxx movements never talk of the logistics, never check their sources use circumstantial evidence as proof.

A very good friend faced a serious and deadly cancer with a very low survival rate, mortality was in the 80% range.  He used classical aggressive medicine, but also considered alternative medicine, some of his friends now say that he survived because of alternative medicine!  Its been 10 years and he fine, because people will believe in miracles rather than statistics; 80% mortality also means that 20% survive and of these 20% a small portion have complete remission...doesn't mean that cancer treatment is bullshit, it just means that for that cancer there's only a 20% chance of surviving, but 20% is not zero.  Also its entirely possible that the alternative medicine (and change of lifestyle) help a lot!

But none of these serious questions are answered, there is a "out there" kind of reality. For chem trail it doesn't matter so much since there is really nothing anyone can do (except where foil hats...ha ha). However, the anti vaccination movement is something else, because until recently this minority were protected by the herd -- a few kids no vaccine were protected by the other children that were vaccinated.  However, in parts of California certain schools are seeing up to nearly 40% of children not being vaccinated -- and there are real consequence there (life and death).

So we now have the ability to shut off parts of the information stream (self selection) so that we confirm our bias.  If you are convince that Clinton was running a pedofile center in DC, then she is evil, and you have proof from articles that fiends sent you in your Facebook feed.  If you believe that aircraft are using certain products to alter human kind, or that Trump is a Russian spy, there's a feed for you.

As an example, the worse you can say about Trump is that he is a cretin, that he doesn't care about facts outside his own reality (and how the world views him), the idea that Trump could be a Manchurian candidate is ludicrous.  The reason he will not be impeached...he was (and remains) looking for commercial advantage for him and his family, getting special treatment in China for his Hotel (apparently) and other benefits.

Newspaper used to be curated, now people don't need newspaper and TV shows will say anything that supports their position -- FOX is the worse of the lot, but by no means the only one.  The availability of information (or Bullshit dressed as information) is wide ranging and easily available to those looking to confirm their position.  Even I succumb to the maladie; how often have I looked at the news via Daily Kos or TMP or NYT, I have a hard time looking at FOX news, Drudge Report or Zero Hedge are difficult to read -- my own bias delegitimize these sources of information

What will kill our society:  Free "information"


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