Tuesday, May 16, 2017


So the President decided to share top secret information with the Russians, so far nothing illegal has been done, stupid maybe, but not illegal, literally the President decides what is and what is not secret. That's the positive side -- there is no crime here!

Now the negative;

(1) If the Post's story is correct (note: Trump confirmed that it was) this secret information was given to the American intelligence community -- with a do not share request.  That country will now reduce the amount of information it shares with the American government.  At the very least the NSA/CIA and other acronyms will be much more careful it what they share with the President.  That's bad, because less information is bad -- especially when people are out to get you.

(2) Trump asked three of his future ex-employees to go out on and say that Trump did not share any secret information -- and that the Post got the story wrong...12 hours later Trump tweets that "it's true, I shared confidential information -- and its not a crime".  This is the second time in two weeks that Trump makes his surrogates look like complete idiots.  That's not good because these people were betrayed by their boss -- for no good reason.

(3) Another manufactured "own goal" by Trump -- how many does this guy need.  First, Trump is like rich kid who broke a window -- accuses everyone else, and when confronted with the evidence that it was him says:  It doesn't matter its my window.  Why lie? Trump could fire Comley for any reason (or no reasons) but choose to say it was about Clinton...He reveals secret information to the Russians then denies, denies and denies, and they quickly confirms and says:  Its not a crime, I am the President!

(4)  The GOP is in a bit of trouble, it cannot drop the president.  In fact, history has shown that parties will support their president to the bitter end.  Its true for Clinton, Reagan and Nixon -- in all three cases the party of the President went down with the president.  The mid terms are going to be brutal for the GOP -- even in gerrymandering land its going to be ugly -- by 2018 GOP's America will have discovered that their health care costs have tripled, if available at all.   The truth of the GOP's health care reform is that its a huge tax giveaway to America's richest...  You cannot shave $800 billion without people's healthcare being affected, simple math.

(5) Manufactured crisis by the President are exhausting, and what will he do when a real crisis occurs -- what will be his Katrina?  How will he react -- my guess is a weekend at a golf resort, but I am a cynic!

Finally, the most important is that nothing will change the GOP's position towards Trump.  If history is any yardstick in none of the cases: Nixon, Clinton, Reagan, did the party in power walk away from its President.  There will be no investigation of Russia links, there will be no investigation of corruption, there will be no invest of anything that Trump did aside from an investigation in those who leek information from the White House.

For Trump the real problem is who will want to work for him.  He casually throws his surrogates to the wolfs for no good reason or any valuable real estate.  He values loyalty above competence (remember Bush) but for Trump its a one way street -- and a short street at that.  My guess, is that on his return from his foreign trip Trump will undertake a major shift in the White House staff, to replace his communication team, and several of his advisors (lookout Pribus and Steve!).  He's not getting what he wants -- so he will find it elsewhere!


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