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Death by a thousand cuts

I had an epiphany this morning, reading, again about Trump's many travails -- own goals and simple stupidity.  The troubled White House is leaking like a sieve and that means that everything that Trump does will become part of the national conversation.

I mean we know he records CSPAN on his 60 inch TiVo powered television so that he can watch the blow by blow of Congress with comments -- who in the world needs to know that, except it shows one thing, the President is not really minding the store, he's acting like a Monday morning quarterback.  He should be making decisions not judging the decisions of others.  If it is true, that the Israeli information on bomb in laptops was a "Do not share", and he did anyway, then it shows his carelessness.  Or the fact that the White House was "tricked" in allowing a photographer from TASS into the Oval office (while the US press was excluded) must have amused Putin to no end.  However, it shows a White House that is unable to verify the important but minute details -- they are dealing with a massive house fire, you don't worry too much about the tool shed burning (not elegant but hopefully you get the point -- those in charge don't have the time/bandwidth to deal with the small issues).  These are the thousand cuts, because overworked good people lose their jobs fur such screw ups...because there is no excuse!

The leaking White House is leading to an ever increasing number of "newsworthy" disclosure -- news in the sense of News of the World or The Enquirer, you know tabloids that like to talk about stars -- useless and often demeaning information.  The overall aspect is the acceleration of this "news", its neither interesting or important -- its kardashianesque.  However, it does serve a narrative and this is serious, because Trumps own inability to let things go (he's still talking about the inauguration crowd), you have an effectively paralyzed White House.  All the staff's efforts (including cabinet secretaries) are being sucked into the Trump vortex of Bullshit.  Trump's legislative agenda (ok ok stop laughing) is stopped dead on its track.  Dealing with fires and not issues.

Its also how you get this idiotic photo-op of the GOP Congress and Trump on the White House lawn celebrating their "victory" in passing the Health Care Act -- when the Senate still have not even started considering the proposal -- its like celebrating the construction of half a bridge...who does that?  The White House should have been the grown ups (ok ok I know Trump) and said to the President -- lets wait until the legislation is on your desk before we trow a kegger!

The unhappiness at the White House will grow over the next few weeks/days -- until Trump replaces his entire team with another gang.  However, look at all the self inflicted pain:

  • The Russia investigation will go nowhere (trust republican Congress on that one), but it will stay in the headlines.  
  • The top secret disclosures of Israeli intelligence (not a crime -- but stupid as hell)
  • The Flynn affaire (Trump's insane desire to save Flynn means that the FBI is going to go after him and his buddies) 
  • My favorite BS aspect is that Trump has selected a GOP fundraiser and non-scientist to become the USDA Head Scientist will cover Trump in ridicule; I mean its in the job title!  
  • Election witch hunt has begun already with a new commission that will investigate illegal voting (as if this was a problem), of course this commission will not investigate voter suppression...but will again show Trump's white house going after ghosts
  • The Comey firing -- and the "evidence"that Trump was working hard at exonerating Flynn 

These are the thousand cuts, its not so much that he will be impeached (he won't) its rather than no one will want to be seen with him.  His power of persuasion will drop to zero (his popularity is already shaky).  A disaster for the GOP who will have to confront their voters with their total failure to get anything done, when they control the House and Congress.

You don't need to impeach Trump, just continue the relentless circus that is his White House.  In fact, the Democrats don't have anything to do, just watch and enjoy the show, and make sure that all the investigation continue on a slow burner.

Death by a thousand cuts

Fun times


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