Friday, December 16, 2011

Amazon and prostitution -- two unbelievable stories

First, the really crazy story; It was reported this morning that the German government is forcing its citizen into prostitution.  Hard to believe but according to the report a German women has been threatened with losing her unemployment benefits unless she accept a job in a brothel: "providing sexual favours".   You see prostitution is legal in germany -- it can only occur in certain area, like the Reeperbahn in Hamburg (as an example).  Now, the American puritanical right has been warning for years that l├ęgalisation of prostituions would lead to women being forced by their government into prostituions.  Turns out they may be right (I still think this is crazy).

However, there are a few things that don't add up in this story.  Say for example that you are a guy and are offered a very dangerous job, would the government have the right to terminate your unemployment benefits if you refused that job??? 

Still strange!

IN other news, yesterday afternoon -- it was around 3 pm I ordered a book on, and I needed ASAP (like before Sunday), well this morning at 10:30 AM UPS delivered the book to my door.  I am serious, not only did I not "have" to go to a book store (I did but the book was not in stock) but I had the book delivered (with certain charges of course) to my door.  The kicker -- and its a big one, the total price of the book, including delivery (by UPS) was less than the price of the book, had i bought it in the book store (had it been available).  


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