Thursday, December 8, 2011

A busy week!

I finally got my walking papers from my employer -- after waiting and hoping for more than six months, my (now former) employer finally came to its sense and made me an offer I could not refuse, I happily walked the plank, and I am now officially unemployed -- Yeah bitches!

Not entirely sure they were expecting my reaction, they are nice people, but I they keep on saying no to my deals!  What`s a guy to do?

My silence over the past two days was due first to the above mentioned:  "Your services are no longer required" episode, but also due to the fact that I had "minor" surgery yesterday morning -- the most painful part was when they removed the surgical tap that held the surgical cloth up (to keep the area clean).  No worries dear reader I was not emasculated -- no the "operation" was near my eyes -- I now look like a punch drunk boxer.

I`ve been out of it for 24 hours -- but the news this morning is far from glorious.  Don`t kid yourself, the ECB is cutting rates because Europe`s economy is in free fall (and by Europe I mean Germany).  The president of the ECB is doing his best to reduce confidence.  

Europe is like an alcoholic, the first step is to admit you have a problem; the leaders of France and Germany still have not done this.  They are still operating in the bubble that "everything will be fine" if the PIIGS cut their deficit.  Its a bit like watching a slow speed "black ice" accident

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