Friday, September 9, 2016

Trump Fatigue

Is this how he wins?  Last night Trump said:  I was against the war in Iraq -- not true, there is tape that shows he said the exact opposite.  He was for the war until he was not for the war -- actually when it turned into such a nightmare for G.W. Bush.  Back to my point, we don't even pay attention anymore.

I fact, I am almost certain that a vast majority of Americans just don't care anymore of the incessant lies, because they have been though that all politicians are liars, and so Clinton must be lying too, about her emails, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation -- pay to play etc etc.  America has not had a candidate like Trump, ever, a brazen self aggrandising lying lier that cares nothing about details (or facts) who is uncurious. aggressive and vengeful, just the kind of guy you want with the nuclear codes...

Last night there was a little TV thing where a TV morning host (should have stayed there) asked insipid questions of Trump (who even then didn't answer) and basically treated Clinton like a '60s housewife -- interrupting here and going on at lengths about things that don't matter in the context (national security).

The entire main stream media felt that the entire show was a joke and an insult, to women because Clinton was treated very differently than Trump, and it was evident.  it was a hatchet job against Clinton a nearly pro Trump who said lies after lies and was not once challenged.

So very sad, I suspect that Trump has good chance of winning now, the polls are not Clinton's friend, nor is the press.  Clinton's biggest sin:  Being a women that achieve -- and that its all bad for 'merica.



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