Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trump's failure to appoint

This is not original but it does explain why Trump is having such a hard time appointing people to serve his administration:  people just don't want to work for him!

Trump fired Comey more than 2 months ago, and the White House said they would nominated a new head of the FBI within days, it took nearly 6 weeks to find a willing candidate and as far as I know the confirmation process has not even started...considering that Congress is in recess until September. That means that to replace one of the most visible figures in US law enforcement will take more than 7 months.  Its important to note that its not Congress that has been slow, the process is driven by the White House, they're not sending anything to Congress (although in Trump's reality its still the fault of Congress).  By this time, Obama had more than 200 posts filed in 2009 -- its even more for Bush and Clinton.  Trump, the number is 51, that it.  Right now there are only two or three names in the pipeline and Congress is doing nothing, because the paperwork has not been sent; they are literally unable to discharge their obligation until all the paperwork has been filed.

Today I was reading about one of Trump's ex-lawyer (claim to fame was getting the Ivana divorce settled).  He was Trump's principal lawyer for 15 years, so he knows the man.  The most telling comment was that in had been in DC to meet with the White House -- he was offered a job, but he declined.

I suspect that if you are a GOP supporter and a prime candidate for a post in Government -- the last (was it the first) cabinet meeting where everyone "thanked trump for the opportunity" -- like a grade school play where the thank you is long rehearsed, corny and obligatory was a real shocker to anyone considering government service under Trump -- not only would it be of short duration but may damage your career permanently.

I suspect that the White House, under the radar, approaches prospective candidates and they get turned down in the gentlest  way possible, timing is wrong, my children, my wife my current job. Anything not to participate in what will be remembered as one of America's worse administration.  Its not so much a boycott as a reading of the tea leaves -- this is not a plus to your CV.


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