Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Who are you calling a homo Sapien...I am no homo!

This was a line from an 1980's movie about a "meat head" who is called by a New York smart ass a Homo Sapiens...hilarity (and a fight) ensues!  Its the same for some un-name trump supporter who referred to Clinton supporters an a sign as "Morans".

Yesterday was America's birthday -- literally it marks the day America declared independence "and the church bells of Philadelphia were ringing", against the reign of "mad" king George. Now, NPR, that hot bed of leftist crazies has for almost 30 years read out the declaration of independence, and this year, I guess having a bit of fun with the twitter madness that has overtaken the oval office has decided to tweet the whole thing 140 character at a time...

Part of the declaration of independence refers the a people's right to abolish a government and form a new one...some true Trump supporter thought that this was a dig at Trump -- being completely unaware that it referred to King George...

Anyway, the anti NPR force had a field day, as usual "these people" revere a document that they have neither read or understood.  They probably think that the Americans through the tea in the water to make a salty brew...who knows.

In fact, my point is about America's education system is in real trouble; more than once a member of congress has confused the declaration of independence with the American constitution. Or a congressman recently said "I serve at the pleasure of the President"  not really understanding that he serves at the pleasure of the people in his state -- that the president has no control over who it elects.

More than once in my life have I corrected Americans as to how their government functions.  I am still surprised how many, smart and educated Americans don't understand their constitution, or the federalist papers, or the creation of the system to elect the president (a clue its not one man one vote...)

How can Americans understand their rights and freedom if they don't understand their own political system?


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