Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sino-Forest end of the saga?

Well the outside auditors published their final report February 1st on the on goings at Sino-Forst and the result are:  They found nothing, clearly the short sellers were wrong... one little problem; the outside auditors had very poor access to data in China.  It seems that the stone walling worked just fine.  I guess its in the hands of the RCMP now.

RCMP: Sir, we are investigating the Sino-Forest problems

Chinese officials:   你为什么戴你的滑稽装备(1)

RCMP: Sir, we are trying to find if Canadian investors were defrauded

Chinese official: 我不在乎 - 但你能这首歌“我是一个伐木工人......(2)

(1) why are you not wearing your funny outfit?
(2) I don't care -- but can you sing that song "I'm a lumberjack..."

And for those who don't know Monthy Python here it is


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