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When even Canadian don't give a rat's ass about French translation

Forwarded by a friend this morning:

Now, that's simply careless and frankly insulting, that someone in Ontario would translate text from English to French, and clearly have no idea what he/she are writing.  For those who don't understand French; a loose translation would be a colloquial expression for  male self pleasuring... 

You got to give it to the people of Windmill Sausage Co., Ltd.   These people must be glad they don't have a web site!

Frankly, this next one is just funny:

Now, in both cases neither the label manufacturer, the client or for that matter the store notice that this wording was rather incorrect -- BTW the second one is the wrong translation they used "nuts" as in "nuts and bolts" Vs nuts to eat (which would be "noix").

I know that people in Ontario generally dislike French Canadians (especially if they are from Quebec), bust still both of these errors are rather glaring, even for some one who's only gotten the most basic French education....


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