Thursday, February 23, 2012

Slow writting

its not a lack of material, but a lack of time.  I am now the General Partner in a new hedge fund... its a lot of work...

On that, my partner and I decided that will not accept any US money in our fund, we are much too concerned with the new Dodd Frank rules.  A hedge fund manager recounted to me that they've just received a 300 page questionnaire to fill out.  300 pages (that's phone book thick).  I though he was exaggerating -- until I read The Economist that mentioned that same document (apparently my friend was exaggerating its only 298 pages long...).

In Canada, hedge funds have a closer but more discrete supervision.  Fewer rules but tighter regulations.  It seems that America is doing its best to kill capitalism...

Anyway, now you know!


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