Tuesday, March 4, 2014

After nearly a year I am back!

Its early March 2014 and I've decided to post again.  Obviously my interests have shifted since 2013.  In fact, the posts were there for my non-North American clients, who were looking for quick update on the Canadian economy.  Surprisingly in a world of 6 billion, there are not many economic articles on Canada that make it into the foreign press... granted of late with the maire of Toronto.

Just one thought, we in Montreal are thankful for Mr Ford, the current maire of Toronto, he has completely shifted attention away from Montreal's own corruption enquiry (its deep) and away from the Quebec elections (one party is running on a platform of separation -- kind of).

Those who know me wanted me to start writing again --- they also wanted me to reveal my identity.  Frankly, the mystery is more interesting than the reality!

The other reason I'm posting again is that in the last few days I've had something in the order of 500 views of my last (April 2013 post) and tons of comments -- don't know why, someone interesting must have linked to my page...

Anyway, I am back


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