Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh and by the way I am way too gloomy

Despite my predictions of:

(1) European banks going bust -- that didn't work out
(2) Euro ceasing to exist -- that too didn't work out
(3) China restructuring -- Still waiting on that one too
(4) Canada doing well (ok so 2012 was a good year -- 2013 more difficult)
(5) Canada's conservative government is against democracy -- Actually got that one on the money
(6) Canadian dollar will stay at or above parity to the US dollar for ever (never said that) still not gona happen
(7) If you print money inflation will come (turns out not so much in consumption) I was partly wrong (but asset prices continue their rise)
(8) The stock market has peaked (boy did I get that one wrong!)

So take my thoughts with a large grain of salt.... i am very gloomy indeed.


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