Monday, March 24, 2014

Knowroaming -- a week in

Ok so I am back (more or less) from Mexico, the Knowroaming experience has been excellent - at least until Friday 1 pm Mexico time when the phone got a NO SERVICE message.  Now that I am in Houston its back, but the last three days have been blacked out.

In a nutshell over the past week, I called Canada, called Europe, spoke to clients in Mexico and LatAM, sent email, used Google map to find restaurants and various destinations, the bill for the week $24.71.  Not bad really if you consider the number of foreign calls I made.  I didn't activate my "new voicemail" apparently its easy.  Before I forget, they use a call back system to reduce the cost of overseas' calls.  You dial the number you want and it calls you back within 15 seconds

My verdict is that the technology works fine, its somewhat complicated to set up but really worth the effort because the costs are just amazingly low.

Also the service from Knowroaming has been spectacular -- Saturday at 7 pm local time (9PM Toronto) I was in contact with a technical desk -- they tried and figured out this morning (when the could talk to Movistar -- the cell provider that the problem was at their end.

Unlock your phone and roam the world!


Anonymous Roaming Guy said...

Knowing Roam does essentially the same what experienced mobile service providers like or have been doing for over 10 years. There is nothing new in this technology. Instead of the roaming SIM they provide you with the roaming SIM that looks like a sticker to the current SIM. One way or another you need to buy this "SIM". Contrary to other providers, they do not offer free incoming calls like OneSimCard in over 140 countries, nor they offer Wi-Fi calling on the same phone number, nor they offer local country numbers to be piggy backed to the SIM and many other features. Their service is limited only to Androids and Iphones. What is all this hype about really? This is an existing technology sold under different name by the company with no track records and no experience in international roaming. It is possible that they will learn and improve the scope of the services with the time. However, as of today, it is hard to see anything revolutionary or advantageous for customer in this service.

April 13, 2014 at 11:24 AM  

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