Thursday, April 17, 2014

Corporations are people too...

Some will remember Mitt Romney's comment during the 2012 presidential cycle.  For me the day that corporations are people is the day a corporation ends up in SuperMax for killing someone.  Really, has any company ever done jail time, ever?

Looking at GM's ignition key inaction they appear to have been "criminally negligent"; they knew their product was defective, they knew that it would cause accidents and they chose to do nothing.  GM knew that their product would cause injury, or even possibly death (that's kind of the meaning of criminally negligent).  I presumed that GM did a cost/benefit analysis (as they did for the Pinto problem) that the cost of paying those injured (or the family of those killed) compensation would be cheaper. Not only that but because of their re-organization that may well escape paying compensation to injured parties.

Proof if any was needed that corporation are in fact not people, since they can evade their responsibilities.  Chapter 11 washed away the sins of the company -- I wonder if that will also hold for the board of directors.  The board is the "head" of the company, it has some responsibility as to the action of the body.  It may be worth suing them personally, because they did make the decision, and they are (unlike GM) people!

Remarkable outcome.


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