Monday, January 16, 2017

Is there anyone left to piss off?

Ok Donald Trump is not yet president (four more days...).  Despite that fact, he's manage the piss-off the following:

  1. Mexico:  First, Trump said that he wanted to limit immigration -- so first was the wall, then when asked how he would pay he said it was the Mexican who would pay.  Then tariffs on imported goods (that story not over yet)
  2. China:  So far the Chinese have been playing cool, but really they may take a different view if he continues; smartly enough they've decided to wait until the "Pres" is sworn into office.  Rumbling are starting and the cost of an economic war with China could be steep
  3. NATO:  Trump wants Europe to pay a bigger share -- maybe he's right, but once they pay they will ignore America -- he wants to be the boss but not pay as the boss
  4. France:  Clearly Tump team is actively pushing the National Front to win the of hacking and False news... French just asked Facebook to implement an algorithm to deal with fake news
  5. Germany:  In a concentrated attack over the weekend, it's tariffs on German cars (Most BMW sold in America are assembled in the US), and a substantial percentage of spare parts come Europe (and Canada too).  Also attached Germany for the Syrian immigration -- of course no responsibility with regards to two wars in Iraq...
  6. Canada:  OK he's not really started there, but Trump has a problem, Canada has a MASSIVE trade deficit with the US, and the major culprit is the car industry that is now nearly 100% in the US...  Canada would be more than happy to reopen NAFTA -- not sure Trump gets that at all.

Evidently, Trump was the whole world against him before he even takes office.

It takes a certain talent to piss off the entire world without even yet being "THE GUY".


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