Monday, January 16, 2017

The Press to lose space at the White House. This could be a good thing!

For 40 years (since Kennedy) the press has been installed into the White House, an already very tight space for all those working there.  This access to the White House was not always there, and there were prior to that time many involved that new the system of preference.

This is seen by the Press in General and the MSM network as a disaster, but could it be an opportunity?  The fact is that in a day and age of instant communication -- and an elected president reluctant to have press briefings anyway (last week was the first in six months), Trump's idea is that only "invited" journalist would be welcomed into the White House -- the others would miss the scoop -- but these days the scoop less interesting.

The work done prior to the election by the Washington Post journalist in calling more than 3,000 charities to find out who had received money from the Trump Charity was a great piece of investigative journalism.  The work and the result -- actually forced Trump to shut down his charity because so little money had been given way (and almost none from Trump himself).

Not having to listen to the Press Secretary B.S. statement (something like:  Don't listen to what Trump said, think of what's in his heart) is a typical problem for the press.  Being outside of the control of the White House provides them with the opportunity to do real journalism (and not reporting on the BS that the White House wants).

In fact, the departure of the press from the WH is probably a bigger problem for the WH than for the press, because it was these briefing that enable the WH to "control" the news cycle.

A solution is for a 4k camera in the WH where the press secretary and his team give out the news and then can ignore inconvenient questions -- they can even mute microphones from journalist if they don't want to hear the real story.  The departure of the Press to different abode is certain to change the communication dynamic, but Twitter has already done that, its just a recognition of the hard facts of life, the world is changing

However, not being forced to listen to the BS of the White House (and if Trump wants to invite Breitbart and Fox news only he was going to do it anyway) provides the press with the opportunity to return to its business of reporting and investigating the news... a breath of fresh air (maybe)


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