Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The new administration -- what could go wrong

The American political system is in for a massive shock:

  1. Trump is nominated as the GOP's presidential candidate, who has broken every rule and is certainly not GOP's establishment's first (or 5th) choice
  2. Trump over the past 6 months has bamboozled the GOP and its system -- he screwed with Romney, and other GOP grandees -- he is certain to continue (its worked so well for him) 
  3. Trump is elected -- this man who clearly suffers from ADHD will not confront a world of "gray solution problems" that are the bread and butter of the President's day.
  4. Trump nominates a cabinet of Billionaires that seem to have been chosen to destroy their individual department s-- then again maybe a good shake up is warranted, but we can expect several departments to shrink dramatically (Education & EPA to name but two)
  5. Congress is supporting a quick confirmation of Trump's nominees in the hope that they will do their bidding -- I think they are wrong!
  6. Trump's distrust of the intelligence community and of the Defense establishment is well documented yet he wants to increase surveillance and defense budgets
  7. All Congressmen are already running for re-election in 2018, and a third of the senate -- their objectives and those of Trump may conflict
  8. Trump spokesperson told reporters (on camera) that you should ignore what Trump says but "see what's in his heart".  Either Trump will become Twitterless and have scripted speeches, or the world will have to guess what's up with that!.  
  9. I suspect that one of the first things to go is "free speech" in newsrooms -- as Trump or his buddies use the courts (a la Gawker) to hit the 5th estate, where it hurts -- in their pockets.
  10. Trump has hired hookers, and bragged about it, his wife was a lingerie model and his regularly doesn't pay his contractors. He is sued by a large number of goods providers and nobody cares.
  11. If Trump was not a billionaire when he ran for the White House he will be in four years.

Again, nobody cares about all this stuff, not the GOP because they think they've got Trump in a cage (they are wrong) not the Democrats that have to figure out what it takes to destroy a candidate, who is notionally running as a republican (maybe Bernie Sanders should give it a go?).  Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump and that was not enough to swing the election.

The next few years will be interesting


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