Monday, June 26, 2017

Lying is the simplest solution!

The White House talking heads have been selling TrumpCare to the public and have simply resorted to lying.  Simple math tell you that if you cut a few trillions from Medicare then the service provided will have to be less than what it is today!  Its a little like the decision to allocate US$ 8 billion to people with preexisting conditions sure its a lot of money ( but its no where near enough for the reality of a country with 330 million inhabitants) -- the equivalent of US$ 23.00 per person.

The news story is that premium will go down (no mention of deductibles or exclusions) for self insured Americans and that Medicare recipients will not be affected (true insofar as the changes to Medicare are slated to be in place by 2021 only... after the next presidential elections).  In a sense, Trump and his allies are playing the game well, they will be able to tell their constituents that right now there is no change to their premium, and that it may even reduce -- not mentioning what is and what is not included).  The same for Medicare!  They will be able to reduce taxes for earners of more than US$200,000 immediately (a number of ObamaCare special taxes will fall away immediately) and will give away a massive reduction in income and corporate taxes -- that will be paid by 4% growth (in your dreams).

In reality, Americans that become sick will lose out immediately, but to the Republicans and Trump they are losers anyway so who cares.  Granted a lot of Americans will see the cost of elderly care rise after 2021 -- but that's a long way off.

So the sales job from the WH is in full swing, the Senate face few difficulties only 8 republicans face the electors in 2018, and the backlash against the congressmen has been minimal.  Proof that the Senate can weather the storm -- and hand Trump his first legislative win.  The bill has been crafted so that some "gime" can be provided to the 8/9 senators that are holding back -- they only need 6 and they win.

So lying is the tool -- there are no changes to the benefits, magic will be employed -- but most Americans don't care. until the day grandma needs money for here nursing home, but it will be far too late by then.

At then end of the day, you get the leaders you deserve.


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