Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trump's weird vocabulary

What's with Trump these days.  You read his Tweets and every other word seems to make little sense.  Is there something afoot here?  It is evident that Trump suffers from ADHD -- its been proven time and time again that he cannot focus on a subject for more than a few minutes at a time -- his calls with world leaders are often substance less.  Its not so much that he doesn't get stuff he just cannot focus.

His latest, which is to accuse Obama in the Russia election interference is probably the worse idea he's had (excluding the firing of Comey and the hiring of Flynn) he's now recognized that there was election tampering -- that got HIM elected!  Until recently, the party line was that there was no Russian interference -- now the leader of the free world say there was:  Who benefited -- Trump so he's scored another own goal, for no good reason, again.

Listing to his speeches there is something going on with his vocabulary, its shrinking.  Trump knows his audience's sweet spots (something Clinton was unable to find), and these days his supporters will applaud anything he says (kind of normal actually) but his vocabulary is shrinking from the pre-election times, his tweets are becoming stranger and stranger with a bizarre use of the English language (and I am not talking about the "Covfefe" incident)

It is evident that Trump is not having fun, hence the electoral rallies that are fun -- who doesn't like being cheered!  The job of president is difficult and endless, there are no easy solutions.  As an example he bombed Syria for "use of chemical weapons" a few weeks ago.  Turns out not even the US military believed that the Syrian Government had used chemical weapon, Trump decided that they had against the advice of his own military...

It would seem, for the occasional observer that I am, that Trump is increasingly isolated from reality. His support for Flynn, firing of Comey, his support and rejection of TrumpCare -- I mean in the same sentence Trump writes that its a shame that TrumpCare is not being voted on Tuesday, but at the same time (same Tweet) he writes that its a good thing because its a mean bill...

His Tweets are less grammatically structured than they were a few years ago, maybe its work pressure but again its not like he would spend hours in the past "crafting" his tweets.  Looking at how he wrote just a year ago, and today there is a strange shift in the use of the english language.  Something is up -- the "Kremlinologists" are looking at Trump's physique, he looks tired he seems to have put on weight, is this all part of health issues for the President?  I don't know, there is no doubt that the pressure must be intense, for a guy who's always had goodish press the past 200 days must feel like hell, but it could be something else.

Imagine, even FOX is starting to have doubts



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