Thursday, June 8, 2017

United Kingdom elections: How to blow a 24 point lead in 8 weeks

Theresa May's decision 8 weeks ago will haunt her and her party for years to come, for while she had a thin majority, she still had a majority.  As one newspaper said it, the first problem was to make the election about personality; when Theresa may has none! 

The hubris of a 24 point lead led to a poorly drafted, full of error manifesto, that was plainly mean!  End of life care, if you own a house the NHS would get that to pay off your health "debts".  Needless to say that for a majority of Tory voters this was not a winner!  

The number of time May seemed unprepared for relatively softball question still amazes everyone. She did, with the opposition, a town hall meeting and she was poorly prepared.

Also the answer to the problems with Brexit is not to say: "Brexit is brexit"

The Tories deserve to loose, granted Labor doesn't deserve to win, their leader is worse than May with numerous stupid statements that can only make governing harder.

Europe -- well they don't care who runs the UK, article 50 has been invoked, its time for the UK to put its big boy pants and start the ball rolling.

NOTE:  This is based on exit polls, and of late polls have been incorrect.  However, majority for Tories seems to be a long lost dream...


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