Friday, June 16, 2017

The Middle East an observation!

Trump's first Tour was a catalyst for many of those he met during his little jaunt in the Middle East and Europe.  The Europeans came out convinced that the American President understood absolutely nothing of the NATO alliance and was basically a Mercantile who viewed the world through 19th century trading rules (we export everything and you import nothing), so that we create jobs at home -- "beggar thy neighbour" policies.  The fact that Trump would not re-iterate NATO's article 5 is further evidence of his stubbornness and his lack of education (he did reiterate in speech at the White House -- but the damage was done).

In the Middle East he signed a $ 100 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia -- that was no such deal!  It was a bunch of MOU some dating back to 2015 -- signed by Trumps' greatest enemy:  Obama!  When Saudi Arabia felt they could browbeat Qatar in towing the line, they embargoed the tiny state (for the second time in a decade) and Trump took credit. Since then, a $100 million arms deal to Saudi Arabia was blocked by Republican Congress... A $ 10 million arms sales to Qatar was authorized by the Secretary of Defence.  What is going on?

America has caused havoc in two blocks:  the EU and GCC in the space of a few weeks.  Out of this America has gained nothing, in fact the Saudi must be furious, the enemy (Qatar) got its gone while the Saudi themselves got nothing...Europe though that Trump was crazy stupid man child...and then he proved it.

Europe will downgrade the role and relevance of the Americans in their defence pact, expect the influence of America to dwindle.  First act must be to reduce the presence of American military personel in europe, a fist step is to ask America to downgrade (and eventually remove themselves) from their bases in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany.

America has become a destabilizing agent, it should be cordoned off to limit the damage.


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